viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

Bapt presents: Alice in Bunnyland.

Ahoy, sailors and bunny lovers! Who said that bunnies cannot travel inside the most wonderful stories? Here is our first featured story: Alice in Bunnyland, where everyone's a bunny!

Cute Bunny-Alice - 5€ (2 in stock)
White rabbit brooche - 5€ (1 in stock)
White rabbit mirror brooche - 8€ (1 in stock)
Bunny-Queen of hearts hairclip - 5€ (1 in stock)
Bunny-Madhatter brooche - 5€ (1 in stock)

Remember that you can find this and more Bapt stuff at Madame Chocolat Barcelona!

sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

Halloween friends' collection

Welcome back to BaPt! Today I would love to show you our Halloween collection for 2010. This year you can fin zombie chikens, withchy bunnies, vampires and ghosts!

1. Zombie chiken hairclips; 8€/pair (1 pair ins tock)
2. Zombie chiken brooche, 5€ (1 in sotck)
3. Zombie lollipop chiken brooche, 5€ (1 in stock)
4. Zombie chiken ribbon, 5€ (1 in stock)
Toxic cookies!
1. Toxic cookie with vampire bunny, 5€ (2 in stock)
2. Toxic skull cookie, 5€ (3 in stock)
3. Small toxic cookie, 4€ (2 in stock)
4. Toxic cookie ring, 4€ (1 in stock)
Ghosts, pumpkin and halloween candy brooches, necklaces & hairclips!
- Pumpkin brooche, 5€ (1 in stock)
- Candy halloween stick necklace, 8€ (3 in stock)
- Candy halloween stick hairclips, 8€/pair (1 pair in stock)
1. Ghost mirror ribbon brooche, 8€ (1 in stock)
2. Ghost ribbon brooche, 5€ (1 in stock)
3. Little ghost ribbon, 5€ (1 in stock)

All ghosts glows in the dark!

Wichy bunnies!
1. Big necklace, 9€ (1 in stock)
2. Small lollipop necklace, 8€ (1 in stock)
3. Big ribbon brooche/hairclip, 8€ (1 in stock)
4. Ghost bunny hairclip, 5€ (glows in the dark, 1 in stock)

Isn't cute our Halloween collection?

For your purchases information, click here!

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

The cute bunny collection

Hi again and welcome back to BaPt!

Today we'll like to introduce you this lovely collection inspired in cute bunnies! Brooches, hairclips, necklaces... everything handmade and full of love!

 Bunny & Pollito brooche, 4 € (1 in sotck)
 Purple cute bunny hairclip, 4 € (1 in stock)
Elegant bunny brooche, 2 models; 4 €/each (1 in stock)
Autumm bunny necklace, 8 € (2 in stock)
 Strawberry bunny necklace, 8 € (2 in stock)
 Mirror purple bunny necklace, 10 € (1 in stock)
 Autumm bunny brooche, 5 € (1 in stock)
Mirror light brown bunny necklace, 10 € (1 in stock)
Strawberry bunny with ribbon necklace, 8 € (1 in stock)
Pink polka dots bunny (chocolate bunny or cookie bunny), 5 € (1 in stock)

Thanks for looking! Remember, here you've got all the info for your purchases!

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Bunnies are back!! Ahoy, sailor!!

Ahoy, bunny lovers!!

After a weekend full of great experiences and awesome people, we're back with lots of new and lovely stuff for all of you! And what it's more important... new projects!!

So, as you can see, we've changed the header of the blog with one of our latest creations, inspired in pirates, of course! From now, we'll try to show you our new suff in collections, and this is the first one...


 Pirate bunny brooche/hairclip with blue and navy ribbon, 5€ (2 in stock)

 Pirate bunny necklace with polka dots ribbon, 8€ (1 in stock)

Pirate bunny brooche/hairclip with polka dots ribbon, 5€ (1 in stock)

If you're interested in any of these pieces, please, contact us! Remember that we normally don't do more than 2 or 3 pieces of our stuff... so be fast if you want these!

And of course there are more things to come... we've been creating lots of cute things for you in the past weeks!

One thing more; BaPt were on the news! A very important channel came to us last weekend at the manga convention and you can see here the video; just go to part 4 and search for minute 6 (and yes, the redhead who talks about lolita it's me!). 

Thanks for looking, and contact us if you've got any question.